Film Set Security Company

Our extensive range of film set security services allows us to offer an integrated solution tailored to the needs of your film shoot or TV Commercial.

Specialising in film set and event security and preferred service provider to most of the top production houses nationally. We offer an elite security service that has acquired a reputation for being extremely thorough in both the film and events circuits. Our sense of professionalism is unlike any you will experience and twice as efficient.

Our security guards understand the need for privacy and secrecy. We undesrtand that some film or TV productions don’t want information or images leaked from the set creating “spoilers” online. To avoid this, our teams are fully briefed for each occasions as to the do’s and dont’s.

Why Choose our Security Company!

  • 100% HDI woman owned and fully BEE compliant
  • Operating for 23 years, employ 600 members of staff in SA
  • Financially sound
  • South African run company with international and local expertise
  • Powerful acquisition ability to build capability in niche markets
  • We are ethical, responsible traders
  • Strong Code of Ethics and Values
  • Approved Service Provider to Local Government
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