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With the risk landscape constantly changing, it has become even more challenging to put on large-scale, special events. Still, large companies continue to organize complex events around the world. Because each event is unique, each carries its own set of dynamics, requirements, challenges, compliance requirements and strong partnerships with external agencies.

Though the task of ensuring safety can seem daunting, Pro Events has the experience to meet all your need no matter how large or complex the event. Pro Events regularly provides security for a wide range of prominent, high-risk events including:

  • FIFA World Cup Soccer
  • Other large National and International Sporting Events (annually)
  • University Sports – rugby, volley ball, athletics

Organizations continually turn to Pro Events for security and protection because we:

  • Provide a detailed situational analysis – We work with you to coordinate and make sense of thousands of pieces of information and details that become part of any major event.
  • Prepare contingency plans – A key secret to event planning is to plan for failures or anticipate issues that may arise during the course of the assignment. By understanding how things can go terribly wrong, we can help you maximize your protection by reducing the likelihood of failures in the operation
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